B.S. inCivil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)--UNIV. STATE OF CALIFORNIA

课程名称:Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

授予学位:学士学位 (Bachelor degree)
学院:Viterbi School of Engineering, Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


The emphasis of this program is on both environmental and civil engineering topics and engineering approaches required to provide safe drinking water, to maintain air quality, and to protect the environment. Environmental engineers identify and design solutions for problems involving the environment. They will monitor the quality of the air, water, and land, and develop new and improved means to protect the environment; and possess the scientific and technical knowledge to identify, design, build, and operate systems that make the evolution of a modern society possible.


Applicants should have GPA of 3.5 in the major and an overall GPA of 3.3. They should have TOEFL scores of 600 or more in paper-based test, 250 in computer-based test or 100 in Internet-based TOEFL (IBT) with not less than 20 (out of 30) in listening, reading, writing, and speaking components. Students need to have a score of 600 or more in Critical Reading section of the SAT.